What Is The Best Runaround Car?

Having an additional car for the family, often known as a “run-around” is a popular idea. Whether it’s to collect bulky furniture from Ikea or for the eldest’s driving lessons, here are our picks of the best run-around cars…


Having a run-around car is very useful for the modern family. It acts as a car that won’t cause you sleepless nights if it picks up the odd bump and bruise. It may be used as a “carrier” vehicle, transporting messy or bulky equipment that may cause slight damage to the interior (things such as gardening equipment), or it may be bought with the idea of a younger driver in mind.

Ford Fiesta

Fairly economical to run, easy to drive and cheap to service, the Ford Fiesta is a great little car. It has four doors and generous storage space and for a budget-friendly car is a rather nice drive. A stylish exterior design makes this a car that appeals to younger drivers and parents will appreciate that, because it’s a Ford, any parts are very affordable.


Seat Ibiza

The Seat Ibiza may not win any design awards but it is by no means an ugly car. It’s shape also provides the benefit of generous legroom and space in the interior, making it a great car for cramming a whole host of bulky items (particularly useful when moving homes and you don’t want to damage your designer car!). The competitive insurance premiums are also a key selling point, appealing to parents who may have a younger driver insured on this car.


Fiat Punto

The newer models of the Punto are still very affordable but are a lot more stylish than their previous models. The Punto is also one of the cheapest cars to maintain and keep on the roads, with the average annual maintenance cost a measly £255.

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